Balancing Woman Figurine Black

Ceramic figurine

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A piece of ART, created by Jan Jansen. This time, it didn't result in a shoe but in an artistic ceramic figurine. It's not just stylish decoration; it's a figurine with a personal story by Jan Jansen.

It was 1996, a year everything went wrong for Jan Jansen. To make matters worse, a truck containing 600 pairs of Jan Jansen shoes was stolen on the way to Italy. Jan was at his wit's end and decided to stop designing shoes. He wanted to create something different.

1996 was also the year he started experimenting with the 'floating heel.' How far can you tilt the heel before you tip backward? Since Jan no longer wanted to make shoes, he decided to express this concept in a figurine. At what point do you fall over? This ceramic figurine illustrates that.

Although he intended to create a whole series of examples, it always remained at this first design. So, it's a unique figurine designed by Jan Jansen. He quickly returned to designing shoes, a passion he continues to pursue to this day as a master shoe designer!

Upper: Ceramics
Article number: JJART-02

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