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Jan Jansen Amsterdam

Jan Jansen master of shoe design

Iconic, playful and fashionable. Discover the sparkling Spring/Summer 2022 collection by Jan Jansen.
Iconic, playful
and fashionable. Wearable and extravagant
at the same time. Discover the sparkling Spring/Summer 2022 collection by Jan Jansen.

'The Crazy Shoe Maker'

Jan Jansen. An authentic Amsterdammer with international allure. A man who exclusively designs shoes that are a loving ode to women and their sensuality, willpower and individuality. Now, in 2022, the legend is back with an exclusive and flamboyant new collection of shoes that balances on that razor-thin edge where art, innovation and comfort meet. Because it has to be wearable, but also cheeky, defiant and striking. Jan: ‘Nobody wants Jan Jansens without attitude.’


From day one, Jan Jansen shook up the world with his designs that combined comfort and craftsmanship with innovative designs. Averse to fashion and colour trends, Jan Jansen played with explosive colours, organic, playful forms and experimental materials. This resulted in the Rattan, - also known as the bamboo shoe, - which boasted as a wedge heel made of rattan.

Many Dutch designers were inspired by Jan Jansen’s free and adventurous spirit, leading to ground-breaking designs that have since become world famous under the name Dutch Design. A design aesthetic that can be characterised as: minimalistic, experimental, innovative, unconventional and with a sense of humour.

Our collection

Jan Jansen Amsterdam is high fashion; designed as an ode to women and femininity. The collection currently consists of three lines: clogs, sandals and high heels. Shoes with personality that let you shine and bring out the best in you. See for yourself.


Coming soon

You can find Jan Jansen Amsterdam in higher-end shoe shops, fashion boutiques and designer stores. The Spring/Summer '22 collection is available from march 2022.

About Jan Jansen

The story of international shoe brand Jan Jansen Amsterdam starts with one man: Jan Jansen, a rebellious, authentic designer and artisan shoemaker. Each of his creations is a loving tribute to women in all their forms. This results in designs that excitingly contrast sensuality with power, seductiveness with rebellion, and softness and confidence. Sensational shoes that impress without compromising on comfort. For shoes that make you go Hmmmm.