Duplex Rock Chique Bootee Black

Leather Ankle Boots with a Jan Jansen Twist

Color/Print: Black


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Make a striking entrance with these black leather ankle boots. They represent the ultimate balance between an iconic silhouette, bold elegance, and the comfort Jan Jansen is renowned for. The boots are a masterpiece of design, featuring a unique 6-centimeter high duplex heel inspired by his world-famous floating heel.

The luxurious leather wraps your feet in softness, while sharp lines and the silver-colored edge deliver a powerful and unmistakable Jan Jansen look. Perfect for making a bold statement that stands out in any crowd. A zipper closure ensures an effortless experience when putting on and taking off.

Created for fashion-conscious individuals, these exclusive ankle boots embody perfection in craftsmanship and style. They are designed to leave an indelible impression, a paragon of fashionable elegance and functionality that carries you to any occasion.

Upper: Leather
Lining: Leather
Fit: True to size
Heel Height: 5 - 7.5 cm
Article number: JJ.

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