The crazy shoe maker

Averse to prevailing trends, Jan Jansen Amsterdam is a real trailblazer with revolutionary designs that are always different from everything else and, importantly, never ordinary.

Unconventional, funky and ground-breaking

Jan Jansen (Nijmegen, 1941) is a striking personality and one of the best-known shoe designers in the Netherlands.

I don't design shoes that want to stay in a wardrobe.

For more than 60 years, Jan Jansen has been on an adventure in the fascinating world of shoes. Over 4,000 designs now bear his signature. Shoes with pronounced silhouettes, explosive colours and innovative combinations of materials. Some of them boast state-of-the-art technical features that give the impression that they cannot be worn, but the opposite is true. Each shoe works as it should and is surprisingly comfortable.

‘Nobody wants Jan Jansens without attitude.’

Pure craftsmanship

Given his interest in art, it is not surprising that his shoes often balance on the border of art and design. In addition, from an early age, the fashion icon has had a passion for designing and making his own shoes, right down to the lasts. Jan is one of very few shoe designers who design their own lasts and heel constructions. He always knows how to transform his sketches into shoes that meet his wishes down to the last detail, while maintaining fit and comfort.

A true legend

Jan Jansen occupies a prominent position in the history of Dutch Design. With his contribution, he has raised the appreciation of shoe design to a higher level, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Jan developed some of the world's most iconic shoe designs that can now be admired in the permanent collections of leading museums around the world.