The floating heel is back!

The floating heel is back!

The Revolutionary Floating Heel

The floating heel: it is one of Jan Jansen's most renowned designs. The master shoe designer, with thousands of designs to his name, gained worldwide fame for his idiosyncratic approach and technical constructions. The floating heel, as it is also known, reflects his distinctive aesthetic while being perfectly wearable.

The floating heel is a design that showcases Jan Jansen's prowess in groundbreaking technical constructions. It is both a technical and visual marvel, balancing on the intersection of art and functionality. It emerges from the interplay between balance and movement, where the shoe appears to float while providing a solid foundation.

The Story behind the Floating Heel

As often happens with Jan Jansen's designs, ideas arise spontaneously, with the concept of the shoe immediately clear to him. He then sets about its realization with determination.

"I wanted to explore how far you could tilt a heel without falling backward. I found the right balance," says Jan Jansen. This resulted in the Love, the first shoe with a floating heel from 1989. "The balance is fantastic! There are people who can't walk in heels, but can walk in these. You could catch a tram in these," says Jan Jansen. The iconic shoes with floating heels were ahead of their time.

His inspiration and the reason for experimenting with the floating heel came from his positive experiences with the moving walkways at Schiphol Airport, where passengers can walk. Jan Jansen remarks, "I always feel like I'm floating there. Every time I walk on it, I want to create a shoe that bounces just as nicely."

Unintentionally, the floating heel proves to be orthopedically sound. One of his customers, a woman from Switzerland, couldn't walk in heels and had severe back pain. She tried the floating heel, and it felt like she was walking in flat shoes. She showed the shoe to her orthopedist, who concluded that the designer had a great understanding of orthopedics. According to Jan Jansen, it's just luck.

2024 Collection: The Floating Heel Is Back!

After his world-famous shoes with floating heels like the 'Love' (1989) and 'Kissing The Pope's Toe' (1990), Jan Jansen Amsterdam returns this season with the iconic floating heel. The avant-garde heel not only serves as an aesthetic focal point but also offers comfort and stability. While many heeled shoes compromise between style and wearability, the floating heel provides an unparalleled experience of both worlds.

Explore our new collection of boots with floating heels and discover the essence of fashionable style and comfort. These stylish boots are designed for the modern, confident woman seeking a fashion statement, shoes that complement every outfit for occasions that matter: from important presentations to high-level parties and nights out.


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