Red soles, bold lips, bolder dreams

Red soles, bold lips, bolder dreams

Red, the color of passion, energy and power. A color that holds a special place in both fashion and psychology. We firmly believe in the dynamic and inspiring power of red. The color therefore plays a special role in Jan Jansen's powerful collection.

A fashion trend you can't ignore

Red belongs to one of the fashion trends this year. The color influences our feelings, gives energy and forms a feminist statement. In fashion, the energetic color is a powerful answer to the barbie pink of a few seasons ago, then totally hip and happening due to the success of the movie Barbie. Pink still associates with childlike and girly, where red feels more serious and mature and is associated with power women like Michelle Obama, Margeret Thatcher and Queen Maxima.

They are not Barbie dolls, and the color red further underscores this. In troubled times, in which we live today, the color red represents a sense of strength and determination in fashion.

The red thread running through Jan Jansen's collection

For years, red has played an important role in Jan Jansen's collections. Jan Jansen has always understood that a pair of shoes is more than an accessory; it is an extension of the woman who wears them. And no color is more powerful than the color red. It is the common thread throughout the collection and this season we see it not only in the red soles or subtle red details, but also in a collection of red shoes. A collection that is designed for women to leave an indelible impression, show who they are and boost self-confidence. With Jan Jansen shoes, women can conquer the world.

The power of red

We encourage women to dream big and to dare to step forward, to take steps in life that matter. Jan Jansen believes in the power of women and the impact they can have. Our shoes with red soles are designed for it.

"Red soles, bold lips, bolder dreams" - We empower women to conquer the world!

By the use of red in Jan Jansen's designer shoes, you affect how you feel and how others look at you. And what fits this better than a beautiful smile with a stunning red lip. Now it's up to you to wear them and believe in the power of red.

That's why you will now receive a free red lipstick with every order.

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